The List launched on Friday 8 August, 7pm at Campbelltown Arts Centre under the event name The Party. The Party saw the centre transform into an energetic, youthful party, bringing together a range of subsets from the local youth in South West Sydney together, interacting through live music, artists’ performances, and contemporary works.


Campbelltown Arts Centre turned their exhibition space into a closed off exhibition and event space; with a vibrant Blue Carpet and event lights greeting guests at the front doors. Entering into the Centre was a stage set for performers Chocolate and Kid Kairo with music by Lion Mountain Studio,  leading onto a solid wall and door emblazoned with the words The List and the artists names. Behind the door was the transformed exhibition space, with coloured lighting, and multiple multimedia and installation works. Enclosing the space off with a door and wall created a designated space solely to celebrate youth culture.


As a component of her work, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd and 10 others performed in the space, showcasing the costumes and pieces made during the residency. Chetwynd and her performers engaged multiple audience members into their work, creating large human tunnels and conga lines, feeding off the Party rationale and improvising components of her work in response to the atmosphere in the room. Further, the live performers working through the repeated actions of Michaela Gleave’s work added a sense of mystery and contemplation to the space, young people acting as both the performer and subject of the work.


As guests exited the space, they were invited to step into a photo booth with the List backdrop, creating multiple take away photos commemorating the atmosphere and the experience of the Party. The booth served as a connection the current proliferation of photos of self; concreting a visual memory of an event that is the focus of this societies social media and connection to individual visual identity.